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Examining the 4 parenting styles as highlighted in the chapter, name one character from today’s pop culture/society that depicts a specific parenting style and describe/cite 4 identifying characteristics as referenced in the text to support your selection.


Roseanne and Dan, from the television show Roseanne, exhibit a permissive parenting style. Permissive parents are highly responsive to their children and Roseanne knows what her children are doing at all times. Permissive parents have less behavioral control over their children. In the show, Becky, is out of control on many episodes and Roseanne steps back and watches.  Darlene also engages in behaviors she knows is wrong, but continues any way.  Roseanne and Dan typically do not do much when the children are engaging in bad behavior. The children do not have many demands from their parents. However, the demands made are not completed and there are no repercussions for their actions. Lastly, Dan and Roseanne are nurturing parents as exhibited by comforting their children when they do mess up or act out. Roseanne shows great emotions by hugging, kissing and gently speaking with the children.

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